What you need to know about Dr. D Ivan Young

  • Relationship Expert Dr. D Ivan Young’s authoritative look at relationships, breakups, separation, and divorce leaves a captivated audience with a timely and decisive message… “Your relationship may be ‘breaking up’, but you will not be ‘breaking down’. “Break Up, Don’t Break Down has helped millions of men and women across the United States and abroad rescue themselves, employ proven survival skills and resurrect their lives. There is a strong hunger in the world for the rewards of a lasting, soul-satisfying relationship—but most people don’t know how to find the right person, create that sacred bond, and make it last!
  • Break Up, Don’t Break Down is a best seller for a reason. Dr. D Ivan Young is an engaging speaker, exceptionally gifted teacher and conducts one on one sessions, life-changing workshops, and live events across the country.
  • The first step toward developing a good relationship with anyone else begins with knowing and understanding all aspects of yourself. You may have charisma and a good personality, but if you don’t know how to use what you’ve got, or how to effectively communicate with others, you’re doomed.
  • Dr. D Ivan Young has time-tested, easy-to-practice, techniques, and principles which have been proven effective for everyone, regardless of gender, race, nationality, religion, or level of education.

Why It’s Important

  • The United States ranks sixth among the global community in highest divorce rates.
  • About 59% of America’s population of 300 million is married, and while 90% of Americans look forward to married life, divorce, and break up rates are still rising.
  • Research indicates, in comparison with unmarried persons, married persons tend to exhibit greater physical, emotional, and economic well-being.
  • Children in households with two married parents differ from those in other types of households on measures such as child achievement.
  • Fewer black men and women have been married at all ages relative to white and Hispanic men and women.
  • Higher proportions of men were never married while higher proportions of women were widowed and divorced.
  • In recent years, the proportion of women who were divorced more than doubled while the corresponding proportion of men more than tripled.
  • Over the years, the number of male-maintained family households and female-maintained family households, both with no spouse present, increased. During the same time period, the proportion of female-maintained family households with no husband present was more than double that of their male counterparts.
  • A recent CDC survey indicates that over two million people were married in 2008. For every 1000 Americans, there were 7.1 marriages of which 3.5 of those marriages ended in divorce. Since 2008, the numbers have only gotten worse. This doesn’t include families that didn’t participate in the survey, or those that co-habitate. They don’t fare any better.

Why Dr. D Ivan Young is at the Heart of this Vital Story

  • Statistics continuously illustrate a growing need for solution-oriented approaches to rescue men and women from the harsh realities associated with broken relationships.
  • While many relationship and life coaching experts focus on entertainment value, few deliver hard-hitting and solution-based tool-kit approaches to dealing with seemingly hopeless and broken situations. Especially while preparing someone to with the actual skills needed to move on with their lives.
  • Break Up, Don’t Break Down, and his new book Another Chance…Where Would You Be Without One!, released in January 2013, this life changing body of work went far beyond empty promises associated with many similar self-help products in the marketplace. Picking up where wonderful, transformative books, like The Secret, Purpose Driven Life, and Conversations with God, left off, Dr. D Ivan Young’s Another Chance…Where Would You Be Without One! is a step by step guide for those seeking lasting and rewarding change in their lives.
  • Many authors seek to make readers feel good while missing the mark on that which really matters most to the reader. People need proven strategies for life, love, and relationships that will actually enable and empower both women and men to start living a profoundly extraordinary life. Be it in person, by video consultation, webinar, in front of an intimate group or before millions on TV; there’s good reason why it benefits you to know why Dr. D Ivan Young is considered to be one of the best Life Coaches in the world, and one of the leading authorities on life, love and relationships.
  • Dr. D Ivan Young’s works aren’t the fabrication of ghost writers. His experience, education, proven methods and success rate speak for themselves.
  • He’s accessible. Break the cycle, change the course your life is on, reserve your appointment by clicking here, or call 877.508.2025 ext 102