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Attraction, great sex, and abundance are the fruits of a good relationship, not the cause. Great relationships are the result of mastered communication skills, the ability to manage conflict, self-actualization, likened values, and the ability to achieve common goals. Our 7-8 week couples coaching program empowers both parties individually and collectively to succeed at cultivating an enriching rewarding relationship.

Pricing starts at $2,500.00. Sessions are over a period of 7 - 8 weeks. You can select a payment plan of $1,250/month for two payments or three $834 payments debited every 21 days.




Single One-on-One Session — One 1 hour session


*Special assistance for former and existing clients only.


Check in and get an informed second opinion. If you’re losing sleep, having trouble staying focused, or wondering if you should leave or stay, this is for you. Wondering if they’re cheating is one thing... cheating, now that’s just plain stupid.


If you have completed any of our programs, come in for a refresher.

Get the help you need today.

Singles / Individuals $150

Couples $210


Single One-on-One Session