If you’re ever going to manage conflict while creating and maintaining meaningful lasting relationships with other people you first must know yourself.  MBTI Testing – Know Your Personality Type.

Are You Struggling in

Personal & Business Relationships

Because of Personality Conflicts?


  • Do you have recurring communication problems with your significant other or co-workers?
  • Does conflict go unresolved at home or on the job?
  • Do the same problems you have with other people continue recycling themselves?
  • Do you often feel misunderstood?
  • Are you frequently accused of not listening?
  • Do people tend to misinterpret your intentions?
  • Do people tend to get on your nerves more than often?

One of the most important things I have discovered, after more than 10 years of practice,  is  people cannot create a meaningful lasting connection with other people until they fully understand themselves.

Hence, for most of us that’s where the problem begins. Our perception of self is seldom accurate. More than often the way you see yourself is one thing, but how other people see you is yet another. Knowing your type is merely the beginning, having the meaning of your MBTI Assessment explained to you by Credentialed MBTI Master Practitioner is what gives you a decisive advantage in both personal and business relationships.

If you answered yes to 2 or more of the preceding questions,

you stand to greatly benefit from taking 

the MBTI Form Q and the TKI Conflict Mode Assessments.

By taking these critical personality assessments you can immediately create a paradigm shift in your relationships. You will immediately do four critical things:

  • Learn the blind spots in associated with your Personality Type
  • Change how others perceive you.
  • Effectively increase your capability in effectively communicating with others
  • Minimize conflicts in both personal and professional relationship

Knowing your type is one thing, but understanding how your unique trait preferences drive your behavior, affect your perceptive process and moreover how it greatly influences how others perceive you is why you need your results interpreted by a Credentialed Master MBTI Practitioner.

* Upon completion of your assessments, you will be scheduled for a 90 minute feedback session with Credentialed Master MBTI Practitioner and Master Certified Coach Dr. D Ivan Young. The cost is NOT included in your test fee.

During this comprehensive 90 minute, one-on-one  session Dr. Young will debrief you on your results. You will be shown what the report means and how it reflects why, and how, you perceive things the way you do and why others perceive you they way they do. This feedback puts the focus on your intrinsic abilities, your natural strengths, and how they are organically and naturally expressed by you.

During this feedback session Dr. D will help you to identify and define your current needs and future objectives. You will immediately have clarity in the areas that tend to cause chaos and unease in your life. This initial session will empower you to develop the confidence you need to improve your communication and conflict management styles. Additionally, you will receive a copy of both the MBTI and the TKI Conflict Mode Assessments by e-mail for your records.

To take the test, select an option below –
(Price does not include the interpretation of the test)

Single Pricing

  • MBTI (Form Q) – Single
  • $65.95
  • TKI Conflict Mode – Single
  • $59.95
  • MBTI / TKI Combo – Single
  • $125.00

NOTE: Requires A 90-minute Detailed Interpretation Feedback Session

Couple Pricing

  • MBTI (Form Q) – Couple
  • $131.90
  • TKI Conflict Mode – Couple
  • $119.90
  • MBTI / TKI Combo – Couple
  • $250.00

NOTE: Requires A 90-minute Detailed Interpretation Feedback Session

Schedule Your Detailed Interpretation Now

  • MBTI Test Interpretation
  • $215.00
  • MBTI Test Interpretation – Couple
  • $430.00

Here’s the science –

Your brain responds to and interprets messages from three different sources: the environment, the body, and the brain itself. When you do anything your brain registers what happened to you as well as what the mind and body experienced. The good news is those are the very things which serve to reinforce your identity. The bad news is those are the exact same things that create blind spots in how you perceive others and moreover it insulates you from accurately seeing how others perceive you.

That’s why managing your blind spots is critical!  If you’re ever going to create and maintain meaningful lasting relationships with other people you must know two things about yourself:

  1. Your MBTI Type and The Associated Traits
  2. Your Conflict Management Style

Knowing your MBTI Type is only part of the equation, it’s the trait preferences that differentiate you from others who share the same four letters as you. Understanding how type and traits present themselves in your persona will give you a decisive advantage in developing meaningful lasting relationships with others. This is especially true when it comes to dealing with the opposite sex, conducting business and influencing people.

If you’re dealing with human beings, sooner or later, there will be conflict. How you handle conflict can make or break you. Effective conflict management is critical to surviving relationship challenges. Knowing your default conflict management style helps you to quickly and effectively  understand the conflict management style of others.

*In November 2013 Dr. D Ivan Young, CMC was conferred the consummate credential of MBTI Master Practitioner. Psychological type professionals who obtain the credential of MBTI® Master Practitioner are recognized for their unparalleled expertise in utilizing and interpreting the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Assessment. The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® instrument has decades of research and use that serves as the foundation of knowledge for MBTI experts.The purpose of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® is to measure psychological preferences in how people perceive the world and make decisions.