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"Success in any business is the result your client connecting with you on a meaningful level. To do that successfully, you must possess the ability to get people to genuinely relate to and like you. Only after creating a trusting environment can those circumstances be achieved. To accomplish this, eliminating the blind spots in your perceptive process in mandatory." ~ Dr. D Ivan Young

Tier 1 Executives - This program is created for high income, licensed professionals, professional athletes, entertainers, and entrepreneurs.


Because the unrelenting demands placed on such individuals are potentially debilitating, a fall from  grace, a public scandal, or even an injury could easily compromise a 6, 7 or 8 figure income. As a result, maintaining a clear head, being self-actualized, and emotionally and socially intelligent is non-negotiable; our concierge coaching provides that for such individuals. It provides unrestricted access to high-end, Tier 1, executive-level coaching made available to no more than 20 clients a year.


These programs start at 10k per year.  This program is retainer-based, paid upfront.  It provides 24/7 concierge coaching services, as needed, with NO ongoing billing.

*travel, lodging and ground transportation are not included*


*Individual application must be made and is subject to approval. Because of demand, as with most preferred service providers, our client list is discretionary, exclusive and acceptance is not guaranteed.


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