How To Handle Stress and Anxiety! by Dr. D Ivan Young

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A message from God to you. How to handle stress and anxiety! by Dr. D Ivan Young – God knows you’re irritated. Don’t get overwhelmed. Confusion, frustration and uncertainty are definitely a part of life, but it doesn’t have to remain that way. Just because you get weary does not mean things aren’t going the way they’re suppose to. Let’s get real – what’s really bothering you is the fact that you cannot see God’s plan in the middle of what seems to be a motionless mess. Beloved, don’t confuse stagnation with stillness. God works in the un-seen. It’s not within your ability to see, nor is it within your grasp to understand how God works. You only have one real responsibility, that’s being obedient to the urgence of The Holy Spirit. As for the details, unless other wise instructed, be still and allow God to be God.

If you will allow me, I’d like to share my testimony with you. Again I’m going to be transparent with you. Dr. D Ivan Young still has his moments too. I’d be full of s+++ if I didn’t confess that I still have days when I wonder what in the hell is going on. There are days when I’m anything but patient, let alone content. Like you, I want “ALL” that The Universe has for me, and I want it now. But thank God, those premature, foolish, prayers of mine don’t get answered.

Over the last few years I learned a great deal. Now, I’ll share some of that with you. Rule #1,Trust in the Lord with “ALL” your heart and lean not on your own understanding. Believe me, I know that’s much easier said than done. Meditate on this. How can you trust God, or anyone else, when you can’t be trusted, or don’t trust yourself. Trust by definition, is the confident expectation of, or confidence in, the certainty of the future fulfillment of something. With that stated, trust and faith go hand in hand. “Now” faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. In other words, just because you can’t see it “now” doesn’t mean it’s not happening “now”. In the midst of difficult times, financial struggles, or health problems, it is not always easy to trust, BUT if you look at God’s track record, hasn’t He proven to be trustworthy on countless occasions. Once you realize and accept that God never fails. That He can be trusted, it becomes easier, and easier to trust Him again, and again.

I challenge you to put more confidence in God’s plan for your life than in your own. I dare you to not try to analyze and figure out every detail yourself, but to place your belief in God’s wisdom, His love and His strength. I promise you if you lean on God, and seek the counsel of The Holy Spirit instead of relying on yourself, or anyone else, you will stop being overwhelmed, confused, frustrated and uncertain about what’s going on in and around your life. My beloved, I promise you, If you keep your mind on Him, He will keep you in perfect peace. I’m not telling you what I think, I’m telling you what I KNOW!!!

from God, to you, through me,

Dr. Dr. D Ivan Young​. I love you madly, most sincerely I do,

Now pray God’s favor and blessing over me,

I’ve already done the exact same for you.

Have an awesome week.

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  1. Thank you. God’s message through you is coming through to me loud and clear. It is sometimes difficult to lay a hand on a troubled soul and say “be still for all is well” but it’s times like these when I pray that I can remember to ask for God’s word to speak to me, for me to have an open, listening heart and to find myself lost for words from my own being. Because his word is all that matters. And it is always simply done, simply said, subtle, but sure “Fear not but believe and have faith”. God will bless you too and be merciful to you for the powerful message and for the way you have conveyed it to people like me.

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