Let Go And Embrace The Unknown

horse chainsA message from God to you…  Perhaps it’s time examine why you’re willfully allowing yourself to descend further into more ratchetness rather than ascend to higher heights. Put another way – Why in the hell are you forfeiting your life for less of a reason. Have you lost your damn mind? Stop kissing your life away for less of a reason? As you nobly strive to keep up appearances the only person you’re fooling is yourself. Well – How’s that working for you? More than likely it isn’t.

Let’s examine a couple things. Who, and what, have you attached yourself too in an attempt to create an illusion of happiness and stability? As you go about your day lying to yourself, have you become more concerned about how things look as opposed to directing your attention to why things are they way they are. Only for so long can only keep making excuses and blaming. Sooner than later you will have to take responsibility for your own contribution to this delusion you’re calling your life. What’s the point in busting your butt to finally position yourself to have everything you truly deserve only to be compromised by some unscrupulous miscreant. Where’s your reward if the person’s back you scratch consistently stabs you in yours. Hint – Stop casting your pearls before swine.

Where God’s taking you “You can’t take everybody with you.” Remember Love doesn’t love anybody. If you can’t bring someone up, don’t allow them to continually bring you down. Remaining in dysfunctional, dead end relationship is nothing more than you allowing your insecurities, your pride and your ego to block your own blessings. Instead of hanging on to the familiar embrace the greater unknown. Never will you get all that God has for you as long as you continue hanging to that which you’ve sentenced yourself too. Only a damn fool continues to do the same dumbass thing and expect a different outcome. Let them go. Selah… From God, to you, through me, Dr. D Ivan Young.

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