Living Up To An Image Is Blocking Your Success

A message from God to you…

Living Up To An Image Is Blocking Your Success.

God heard you, and He’s not going to give you anything more.

You already have everything you need. Here’s what’s delaying your blessing. Living up to an image is blocking your success – you need to fully embrace whom you’re created be and stop attempting to live up to the image you think others want to see. The moment you quit trying to do things your way and start doing things God’s way, that which you seek will instantly manifest. It’s time to forget the former things. Stop dwelling in the past. Seek the unexplored territory. God is doing a new work in your life.

The contacts that he’s moved out of your life, let them go. Once you do, the people you need will show up. They will appear at the right time, in the right place. They will come possessing everything you need to take your next step. They may not be related to you, but they will relate to you. What you’ve been begging others for, they will freely give you. In other words there will be no need to prostitute yourself anymore. You will NOT have to coerce others in order to receive that which has been set aside for you. God is taking your life to another level.
Seek not a sponsor. God will provide. The right people are present in your life right now. These people relate to you for who you are, and not for whom you’re pretending to be. This is your moment. So “Stop” trying to be recognized! Stop trying to be acknowledged for whom you are NOT. That which you seek is equally seeking you. Your natural gifts and talents have already made room for you. Those things have already attracted the attention of great men. There is nothing more for you to do. Just be you. It is done, if living up to an image is blocking your success, allow “Divine Timing” to work in your favor. From God, To You, Through me, Dr. D Ivan Young.
I love you madly, most sincerely I do.

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