Alone – For God’s Full Attention

Embrace Your Alone Self . . .

God finally has your full attention

Consider what the word alone means. As an adjective, it signifies “having no one else present.” As an adverb, it suggests that something is confined to a specified subject. Relating to you, it indicates a benchmark for your life. Once and for all, you are taking time to be alone with yourself.

God finally has your full attention. He has you to himself. Take a good look at yourself. The act of looking with your eyes suggests that an object is in your field of vision, but when you truly see at an object, you view things at a much deeper level.

Now You Can Truly See Who You Are

... A benchmark for your life

When someone asks if you understand a fact and you do, you say “Oh, now I see.” To see something means that you understand it. Now is the time to focus on yourself and truly see who you are."

from BREAK UP, DON'T BREAK DOWN by D Ivan Young. How you look at life has a great deal to do with how you choose to see it. If you want the things you see to change, change the way you see things.

by Relationship Expert & Holistic Life Coach Dr. D Ivan Young

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