When You Least Expect It

By Dr. D Ivan Young - posted: January 18, 2015

Love Happens When You Least Expect It by DIvanYoung | posted in: Relationship Tips | 2 It seems like just another ordinary day. There you are, doing the usual, shopping, being bored at work, going through your mail, even dealing with another pain in the butt problem, then it happens. You get clobbered. “Bam”… Love Happens When You Least Expect It! If it weren’t for the fact that the greatest desire of all humanity is to love, to be loved and to be in love, all of us would be pissed at the way real authentic love enters our lives. Real authentic love is not something you plan for, nor is it something you can just make happen. It’s likened to a bird spotting you from afar, as you’re walking, as you’re going about your affairs minding your business, all of the sudden, as if the god of bird poop said “abracadabra – drop it,” a whistling feathered friend, while in effortless flight, drops his barely digested lunch on your recently cleaned clothing. On one level you get pissed, yet on another you can’t help but laugh. Like the bird guano on your apparel, out of no where LOVE hits you. Love Happens When You Least Expect It… All people desire love. All people desire happiness. All people desire the euphoric feeling which comes from being connected to that special someone in a magical spellbinding way that absolutely no other person is. The issue is you simply cannot make such a thing happen. Many man, and many a woman, has attempted to extort love from an unwilling participant only to be met with heartache and disappointment. Trying everything from cooking a meal, to learning how to perfect fellatio, many a woman has done that and more in an attempt to win a man’s heart. Likewise, men have fought wars, schemed, cried, even killed to prove their love to a woman. Nonetheless, the ugly truth, the grim reality of life is there is absolutely nothing one can do to make love happen, stay, or return. Making matters worse, you can be newly engaged,recently you could have just moved in with someone, heck, you could have just exchanged wedding vows, or even be expecting a child and “BAM” you realize the person whom you’ve just gotten pregnant with, just got engaged to, just moved in with, or even married, is NOT the person you’re truly in love with. So, what do you do? Even worse, what do you do when you’ve known the person you’re engaged to, moved in with, or just married for years, while the person whom you KNOW you’re in love with is someone you just met. Believe it or not, this happens more than you know. You see – Love Happens When You Least Expect It! That’s why you should NEVER rush getting into a committed relationship with anyone until you’re sure they’re the one. First things first. Make sure you’re really in love, not merely infatuated. Real love is like a tsunami, it hits with unapologetic momentum. There’s an undeniable presence of perfection in your connection. When it’s the real thing, everything about the person you’re in love with fits like a glove. It’s perfect, it’s just right, it feels very familiar; moreover, IT’S ORGANIC. The feeling is mutual (if it’s one sided, this is NOT real authentic love). You, and everyone else, can see that the chemistry between the two of you is off the chain.” This is person is not a fixer upper. They look right, they sound right, they even smell right. Even if, and when, you disagree, you yet agree. Real love cannot take cover behind the wall of pride. No matter what you do, or how much you try, you cannot camouflage how this person makes you feel. Real love causes you to tolerate things you’d typically never put up with. Real love makes you laugh at, and even ignore, burps and farts. Now, the real issue is how do you prevent yourself from messing things up. Glad you ask. Here’s a list of things you must consider if you’re to avoid losing the love you’ve always dreamed of. Things you need to know: Admit you’re in love. Not admitting you’re in love is not only foolish, it may cost you your one shot at love. Warning – real authentic love is rare. If you get it once in a life time count yourself very lucky. Don’t take Love for granted. Just because you found love doesn’t entitle you to keep it. As with anything valuable, you must appreciate it while consistently doing what it takes to maintain it. Like anything else you don’t take care of, love will fade, even die. Respect Love. Disconnect yourself from anyone, or anything, that could harm your relationship. This doesn’t include real friends, family or your children. If this is the real deal the love of your life will appreciate those whom you love and respect, as well as those who love and respect you. Don’t tempt fate. Throw out the 90 day rule and follow your feelings. Don’t play foolish games like intentionally not responding to text messages, or waiting a couple of days to return a call, and NEVER try to make the person jealous. It will blow up in your face. Don’t Lie. When love is real, you don’t have to be dishonest. Your soulmate is preprogrammed to accept you just as you are. Be Humble. Love is a gift. Treat it like a gift from your grandmother. Honor and cherish it. Real love is irreplaceable. You cannot love two people at once. Live in the present. When real love shows up in your life, DO NOT CONTINUE associating and being in contact with ex-lovers, spouses and friends who had benefits. That’s just plain ole stupid, not to mention the quickest way to lose something you’ve wanted all of your life for less of a reason. Love Happens When You Least Expect It. If you’re reading this right now, it’s a sign – that which you seek is equally seeking you, or has already found you. Inasmuch, take your time. Allow time to have a voice in confirming your belief. People come into your life for a reason, a season, or a lesson. Here’s the catch. You don’t know how God is going to work. The person who you think isn’t significant is, and the person whom you believe may be the one is merely a practice run for the real thing. This time be wise as a serpent and harmless as a dove. Take a good look before you leap. What’s for you is for you. Refer to the checklist in the fourth paragraph above, it will confirm if you’re making believe versus participating in the real thing. If a majority of those signs in paragraph 4 line up, this may be the real deal. Whatever the case, if it’s the real thing, like ALL things wonderful, remember to whom much is given much shall be required. 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