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"Success in any business is the result your client connecting with you on a meaningful level. To do that successfully, you must possess the ability to get people to genuinely relate to and like you. Only after creating a trusting environment can those circumstances be achieved. To accomplish this, eliminating the blind spots in your perceptive process in mandatory." ~ Dr. D Ivan Young

One size fits all, cookie cutter coaching programs never work; if they do, the results are short-lived at best. All of our Executive-Developed Concierge Coaching programs support ALL participants pre, during and after the program is administered. Creating an effective team is a result of identifying each team members' unique gifts and abilities while minimizing the blind spots that create conflict within the team and bias by leadership. Additionally, each individual's conflict management style is assessed. Our unique approach addresses all of those issues while providing participants with one-on-one executive coaching.

Pricing starts at $3,000.00. Sessions are over a period of 7 - 8 weeks. You can also select a payment plan as follows:


  • $1,500.00 each for 2 payments debited every 30 days
  • $1,000.00 each for 3 payments debited every 21 days
  • $750.00 each for 4 payments debited every 30 days