Dr. D Ivan Young, CMC is a Relationship Expert and Holistic Life Coach, offering you the answers to questions you didn’t even know to ask. Be it personal, family, or professional, relationships can be complicated and confusing. Because of this, there are several different coaching options to choose from, and if those don’t fit, he’ll create something specifically for you.


  • Are you lacking clarity? Feeling confused about what’s going on with your life?
  • Uncertain about the status of your relationship? Are you lacking in emotional intelligence?
  • Having a hard time making up your mind if you should stay, leave, or set a deadline?
  • The Key is Knowing What Needs to be Fixed and How to Fix It.
  • Can You Afford to Make Another Wrong Decision?

If your goal is to understand the significance of life, and what’s taking place in and about your life, it begins with you fully comprehending the meaning of every aspect of your own life. The first step toward developing a good relationship with anyone else begins with knowing and understanding all aspects of yourself. You may have charisma and a good personality, but if you don’t know how to use what you’ve got, or how to effectively communicate with others you will most certainly face emotional mishap.”

Dr. D Ivan Young, CMC
Relationship Expert and Credentialed Master MBTI Practitioner

Do you really have more time to waste?

The real issue is how can you manage what you cannot see.

If your goal is to understand the significance of life, and what’s taking place in and about your life, it begins with you fully comprehending the meaning of every aspect of your own life. The good news is that right now you can get unstuck and get your life back on track by taking a few simple test and having a 90 minute conversation.

The fact that you’re on this page is proof that you need to Act Now!

Payment plans are available. For information please contact us at 1-877-508-2025 or email  info@divanyoung.orgOnce services have begun, total fee is non-refundable and all payments must be paid on agreed upon dates.

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Coaching Services / Initial Assessment

– Single Session Coaching –


– Single Session Coaching Services –







Single Session Options

Dr. D has developed an effective no-nonsense approach to unlocking the idiosyncrasies in your personality while identifying potentially self defeating blind spots in self-awareness and external perceptions. Using proven instruments including the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®) personality inventory, The Pearson Marr-Archetype Indicator, Neuro Linguistic Programming Assessments and Dr. Young’s customized diagnostic inventories. Those instruments matched with his profound understanding of the human psyche enable him to get to the core of your self defeating behaviors. His proven approaches enable women and men of all ages, races, religions and nationalities to take personal authority for their ultimate destiny, gain clarity and overcome seemingly hopeless circumstances. In November 2013 Dr. D Ivan Young was conferred the consummate credential of MBTI Master Practitioner. Psychological type professionals who obtain the credential of MBTI® Master Practitioner are recognized for their unparalleled expertise in utilizing and interpreting the Myers Briggs Type Indicator Assessment and are invited to join the MBTI® Master Practitioner Referral Network. The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® instrument has decades of research and use that serves as the foundation of knowledge for MBTI experts.”The purpose of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® is to measure psychological preferences in how people perceive the world and make decisions.

Pick-Me-Up Session — A 1 hour session

Check in and get an informed second opinion. If you’re losing sleep, having trouble staying focused, or wondering if you should leave, or stay, this is for you. Wondering if they’re cheating is one thing, cheating yourself, now that’s just plain stupid. Get the help you need today, schedule your session.

* This is only available for existing and former clients

$99.00 per session

Relationship or Crisis Coaching / The Initial Assessment

A 60 – 90 minute In-Depth Coaching Session plus diagnostic evaluation

Get no-nonsense answers to crucial life questions. Whether it’s – Eliminating self-defeating behaviors – Effectively coping with an out of control child, or a childish adult – Knowing whether you should, or shouldn’t you take your relationship to the next level could adversely affect the rest of your life – Is it time to say I do, I don’t, or not yet – Is your relationship salvageable. Get the unbiased advice you need by scheduling your session today. This includes comprehensive diagnostic testing and assessment.


Although we do not accept insurance, we do have COACHING ASSURANCE PLANS, to help you get the coaching you need today so that you can live the life you deserve tomorrow!