Is This Relationship Working? 5 Signs You’re On Track!

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Good relationships don’t just happen. They take work. Both parties must be committed to giving a substantial effort while being dedicated to willfully putting the concerns and well-being of the other party first. If your relationship isn’t headed down the aisle just yet, don’t panic. This simply may not be the time for such, and/or this person is merely in your life for a reason, a season or a lesson.

Breaking Up Is Hard Enough by Dr. D Ivan Young

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Breaking Up Is Hard Enough, but allowing someone to keep you broken, especially after they’ve left, is not fair to you. After countless hours of needless suffering, if you don’t do something to stop your aching pain, your the one who’s … Continued

4 Shocking Facts About Break Ups and Divorce

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Here are 4 Shocking Facts About Break Ups and Divorce.  In every state in the U.S, problems in, and outside, of marriage are causing couples to either breakup, or get divorced for less of a reason. In fact, in Oklahoma, … Continued