Show Yourself More Than You Tell Yourself

A Message From God To YouBy Dr D Ivan Young 1 Start living out your beliefs and expectationsIs Your Truth God’s Will? A message from God to you… You continue to seek God for more, but your thoughts and actions … Continued

Alone – For God’s Full Attention

Alone …For God’s Attention 1 Embrace Your Alone Self . . .God finally has your full attention Consider what the word alone means. As an adjective, it signifies “having no one else present.” As an adverb, it suggests that something … Continued

God has a blessing – it has your name on it

A message from God to you… God’s got this. Just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean that He’s not working it out for you right now. Like many of us, perhaps you may feel you’re long overdue as it … Continued

You May Feel Lonely, But You’re Not Alone by Dr. D Ivan Young

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A message from God to you… You may feel like it’s you against the world, but that’s a lie – you are not alone. Hardships prepare ordinary people to do extraordinary things. God sees, and He knows, how you feel. It’s … Continued

Breaking Up Is Hard Enough by Dr. D Ivan Young

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Breaking Up Is Hard Enough, but allowing someone to keep you broken, especially after they’ve left, is not fair to you. After countless hours of needless suffering, if you don’t do something to stop your aching pain, your the one who’s … Continued