Alone – For God’s Full Attention

Alone …For God’s Attention 1 Embrace Your Alone Self . . .God finally has your full attention Consider what the word alone means. As an adjective, it signifies “having no one else present.” As an adverb, it suggests that something … Continued

If You Do These 7 Things, Yikes! You’re Scaring Good Men Away

It’s time to get better at this, ladies! No woman in her right mind starts a relationship with the intention of ruining it before it even starts. Life comes with enough challenges, wouldn’t you say? Yet this is exactly what many women do … sabotage a … Continued

Relationship Advice by Dr. D Ivan Young

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Real Relationship Advice by Dr. D Ivan Young At best, most relationships are complicated, and that’s putting it mildly. Too often, couples therapy is ineffective, anger management comes to little to late and cognitive behavioral therapy does little if any … Continued